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Garage Lighting

Garage LightingGarage Lighting
Here are all the ways to light a basement.
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Fluorescent Fixtures
Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent fixtures are energy efficient and provide good general illumination. If the garage is used as a workshop, they are your best choice.
Click here for our selection of fluorescent lighting.

Lighting Outside Garage
Lighting Outside Garage

For lighting outside your garage see the residential outdoor lighting selector.
Click here for our selection of residential outdoor lighting.

Occupancy Sensors
Occupancy Sensors

Add energy efficiency and hands-free convenience to your garage lighting with occupancy sensors. When placed where they can "see" both the car entrance doors and other doors, these sensors will turn on the lights automatically, keep them on while you are moving around the garage and turn the lights off after you leave.
Click here for our selection of occupancy sensors.

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