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Questions About Plant Grow Lighting?

Questions About Plant Grow Lighting? - click to enlargeQuestions About Plant Grow Lighting?

Plant Grow Lighting FAQs

Find answers to common indoor plant grow light questions below or click Grow Lights Grow Lights to go directly to our professional quality Grow Light product offerings.

Q What do I need to get started?
A Grow Light consists of a lamp, a socket assembly, a ballast, and a reflector. Choose Metal Halide Grow Lights Metal Halide Grow Lights, HPS Grow Lights, Dual MH/HPS Grow Lights or a Fluorescent Grow Lights system depending on your needs. You can purchase a fully assembled grow light system or purchase components to build a custom grow light. You may aslo want to consider a Grow Light Lift and a Light Mover to make your set up more efficient.

Q When should I use a Metal Halide Plant Grow Light?
Metal Halide provides a balanced light spectrum closest to natural light. Metal Halide light is excellent for rapid foliage growth and plants can be grown from start to finish using metal halide plant grow lights. Choose metal halide as a primary light source if little or no natural sunlight is available. Click here to shop Metal Halide Grow Lights.

Q What is the difference between Universal Metal Halide Lamps and Super Horizontal Metal Halide Lamps?
Super Metal Halide Grow Light Bulbs provide 12% more light output than Standard Metal Halide Lamps, but must be installed in a horizontal position only. Click here to shop Super Metal Halide Grow Light Bulbs

Q When should I use HPS Plant Grow Lights?
HPS, High Pressure Sodium, Grow Lights are 10-15% more energy efficient than Metal Halide but HPS does not have a balanced spectrum. HPS emits an orange/yellow light similar to the sun's spectrum in the mid day. HPS is best used as supplemental light and is particularly good at promoting flower growth. Click here to shop HPS Grow Lights

Q What is the difference between Standard and Enhanced Performance HPS Light Bulbs?
Standard HPS Light Bulbs lacks blue spectrum light. This may result in leggy plants. Enhanced Performance HPS Grow Light Bulbs have a wider blue spectrum, which makes a significant difference in plant growth. Click here to shop Enhanced Performance HPS Grow Light Bulbs

Q When should I use a Fluorescent and LED Grow Lights?
Fluorescent Grow Lights and LED Grow Lights are very energy efficient and run cool. They are best for growing seedlings or providing supplemental light. Click here to shop Fluorescent Grow Lights and LED Grow Lights

Q What wattage Grow Light should I use?
Optimal wattage depends on several factors including the size of the growing area and the type of plants. Plants that require more light (i.e. tomatoes), need a higher wattage system.

Area Size Recommended Wattage
2' x 2' 250W & under
4' x 4' 400W & 600W
8' x 8' 1000W

Q How high above the tops of my plants should I hang my grow lights?
Hang your grow light high enough so your plants don't burn but low enough to maximize light exposure. To increase light coverage for a larger area, raise the light. For plants requiring very intense light, keep the lights as close to the plants as possible. Use a Light Hanger to make it easy to adjust the heights of your grow light. Use a Light Mover to increase the area of light coverage

Lamp Type Lumens (light output) Sq. Ft Area Mounting Height (from top of plants)
HPS 70W 7,600 2 1' x 1' 1.5' - 2'
HPS 100W 9,500 2 1' x 1' 1.5' - 2'
MH 100W 9,000 2 1' x 1' 1.5' - 2'
HPS 150W 16,000 1 - 4 1' x 1'
2' x 2'
1.5' - 2'
MH 175W 13,000 4 -9 2' x 2'
3' x 3'
1.5' - 2'
HPS 250W 28,500 4 -9 2' x 2'
3' x 3'
1.5' - 2'
MH 250W 22,000 4 - 9 2' x 2'
3' x 3'
1.5' - 2'
MH 400W 36,000 16 - 36 4' x 4'
6' x 6'
2' - 3'
HPS 400W 50,000 16 - 36 4' x 4'
6' x 6'
2' - 3'
HPS 1000W 140,000 36 - 100 6' x 6'
10' x 10
3' - 5'
MH 1000W 110,000 36 - 100 6' x 6'
10' x 10'
3' - 5'

Q How long should I run my Grow Light?
Most plants grow well with up to 12 hours of light a day. Long day plants may require up to 16 hours. Adjust the run length according to how your plants react. Click here to shop professional quality grow light Timers

Q How often should I replace my Grow Light Bulb?
Replace Grow Light Bulbs before they burn out. HPS lamps should be replaced every 2 to 2 1/2 years. Metal Halide should be replaced at least once every year. After one year (12-14 hours a day) of use, MH lamps put out around 65% to 70% of the initial lumen output. After 1 year most HPS lamps still give about 85% to 90% of the initial light output. Note: It is impossible to see with the naked eye if a lamp is dimmer or has lost a good percent of its initial life. Click here to shop Grow Light Bulbs

Q Should I use specialty light bulbs and do they work?
If you can afford them, you should use them. Specialty grow lamps like the Eye Lighting Hortilux and the SunMaster Warm Deluxe are engineered for plant growth. Hortilux lamps offer up to 25% bluer light than a standard HPS. This boosts green vegetative growth, and builds stronger stems. Warm Deluxe lamps offer up to 25% more red spectrum than standard MH lamps. This helps with flowering and fruiting in plants. Both lamps provide more lumens than standard HID lamps. Click here to shop Enhanced Performance HPS Grow Light Bulbs or Super Metal Halide Grow Light Bulbs

Q What Grow Light Reflector should I buy?
Horizontal Grow Light Reflectors are the most common reflectors used for plant lighting. They do an excellent job concentrating the light in a downward direction, giving your plants intense light coverage. Note: Glass is optional on most horizontal hoods, and is required on MH systems for UL listing. Click here to shop Grow Light Reflectors


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