Vandalproof Lighting Layout Instructions

Vandalproof Lighting Layout InstructionsVandalproof Lighting Layout Instructions
Follow the instructions below to determine the footcandle levels that eLights fixtures can provide. We suggest that you print out this page.

1. Get the Vandalproof Photometric Diagrams

Click here to download the Vandalproof Photometrics. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download a FREE copy of Acrobat Reader.

2. Estimate your lamp fixture, mounting height, lamp type and wattage.

3. The Photometric isofootcandle diagram for the fixture you have chosen show points of equal brightness from the fixture at a specific mounting height connected by a continuous line. Use the multipliers to compute the footcandle levels for your application if your mounting height or wattage are different from the example given.

4. If needed adjust your mounting height, wattage or spacing to get the footcandle levels necessary for your specific job

5. For multiple fixture application, isofootcandles values can be added where the curves intersect.

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