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Reprinted with permission from RAB Electric MFG, Inc.

What is glare? While there is no easy quantitative measure, but we all know glare when we see it. When you look directly at a lighting fixture lamp, that fixture will create glare. When our eyes see a very bright light source, they adapt to it by "stopping down" to a smaller opening. This makes it very difficult to see anything that is less brightly lit. We are effectively "blinded" by the glare. When driving, we may be unable to read signs, see the road or other hazards ahead. When walking, it may be difficult to see the sidewalk.

Drive past a brightly lit fast food restaurant or gas station and the glare makes it hard to see the road ahead. Especially if you are over 40, your eyes take a few minutes to readjust from being blinded by the light. Hopefully, you can see the road and traffic ahead well enough to drive safely while you are dealing with the glare.

eLights stocks a wide selection of environmentally friendly Floodlights, Path Lights, Cutoff Wallpacks, and Motion Activated Lighting. These high quality outdoor lighting fixtures help you aim light where you need it for safety, security, and night time accents. When properly installed, Dark Sky Lighting Fixtures avoid shining light in a neighbor’s window, blinding passing motorists, and needlessly lighting up the sky.

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Dark Sky LightingLook for the Dark Sky Lighting logo. It indicates products specially designed to minimize light trespass and light pollution.

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