Avoid Light Trespass

Avoid Light Trespass
Dark Sky Lighting Light Tresspass

Good Lighting Makes Good Neighbors

RAB Friendly Lighting
Reprinted with permission from RAB Electric MFG., Inc.

If you live with a neighbor's flood light or a street light shining into your window, you already know what light trespass is. Chances are, you probably don't like it. Light that trespasses onto neighboring property is annoying, wastes energy and obscures the night sky.

You can reduce lighting trespass by:

  • Aiming lights down
  • Choosing fixtures with hoods or visors that control light
  • Installing motion sensors to turn lights off automatically when thay are not needed
  • Using the correct wattage fixture. If 70 watts will do, why use 400? Lighting should not be overly bright in relation to the surrounding area.

eLights stocks a wide selection of environmentally friendly Flood lights, Path Lights, Cutoff Wallpacks, and Motion Activated Lighting. These high quality outdoor lighting fixtures help you put light where you need it for safety, security, and night time accents. When properly installed, Dark Sky Lighting Fixtures avoid shining light in a neighbor’s window, blinding passing motorists, and needlessly lighting up the sky.

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Dark Sky LightingLook for the Dark Sky Lighting logo. It indicates products specially designed to minimize light trespass and light pollution.

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