Why Buy HID Lighting?

Why Buy HID Lighting?
Compared to incandescent, quartz or even flourescent lighting, HID lighting has the lowest lifetime cost. Even though the initial cost of an HID fixture may be substanially more than Quartz, the substantially lower energy consumption and lower lamp replacement and maintenance expenses make HID the best economic choice. Whether you need HID floodlights, wallpacks or high bays, the savings is the same.
Just look at a comparison of the 10 Year Cost between a Quartz fixture and an HID fixture that produces equal light output.

Fixture and Wattage

150 watt HPS

500 watt Quartz

Light output in lumens:

10,000 lumens

10,000 lumens

Lamp Life

24,000 hours

2,000 hours

Initial Fixture Cost



Annual Electricity Cost @ $ .07 kwh*



Electricity Cost over 10 year lifetime



Lamp life @ 10 hours per night

6.8 years

7 months

Lamp replacement costs for 6 years



Total Lifetime Cost



* If the HID lighting fixture is operated 10 hours per night and the local electricity cost is $ .07 per kwh, the national average. If your area's cost are higher, the savings for using HID lighting will be even more dramatic.
** Calculated by assuming the quartz lamp will be replaced 17.6 times during a 10 year period at $5 per lamp and $10 labor cost. A HPS lamp will cost $14 plus the same $10 labor cost.

Reasons to Buy HID Lighting

1. Lower lifetime cost

2. Fewer lamp replacements

3. Energy conservation

4. Reduced circuit loads, circuit breaker and wire guage requirements

Reasons Why NOT to Buy HID Lighting

1. If you need instant start lighting.

HID lamps take five minutes to warm up to full brilliance. In the case of a power failure, they will take several minutes to cool down and then several minutes to restart. Quartz, flourescent and incandescent lamps will start instantly. Instant starting is useful in life safety, security and sensor controlled applications.

2. If you need warm, white light.

Quartz, flourescent, and incandescent lamps give a warm white light pleasing to most people. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps have a definite orange-yellow color light. Although they are the most energy efficient lamps, their color will not be acceptable in indoor applications and some outdoor situations where a whiter light would be preferred. Metal Halide HID lamps have a bright white color and may be the best choice for a combination of energy efficiency and light color.

3. If you need accurate color rendition.

HPS lamps will distort the rendition of some colors. Red, for instance, will appear brown.

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